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I'm new to the community, only just having finished Melusine today. But I absolutely loved it to pieces and am excited to start on The Virtu as soon as it arrives in the mail tomorrow. It looks like this community is pretty small, but I figured there's no harm in popping in to say hello even if no one is really around to hear.

Another thing I thought I'd mention is that Sarah Monette seems to have closed up her LiveJournal and migrated over here to Dreamwidth. You can find her at [personal profile] truepenny.

And one last thing that's pretty cool: you can become a patron of Sarah Monette at her patreon page https://www.patreon.com/pennyvixen. She has really wonderful rewards, including (for $25 a month) an "Ongoing catalogue of all the private jokes in the place and character names in the Doctrine of Labyrinths", which I really want but can't afford right now. But for just $3 you can have your name in the acknowledgements of her next book, which is pretty freakin' awesome.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and thanks for maintaining a community where I can come and say these things. :D
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I'e just finished a Doctrine of Labyrinths/Supernatural crossover fic and could use a new set of eyes. It's about 10,000 words; Gen, and features Dean Winchester, Felix and Thamuris.

I'm fairly confident in my Supernatural trivia (they have a great wiki) but the DOL wiki pages is... Incomplete, so I need someone to make sure I've got my names correct, etc. Also, if you could look out for plot holes/gaps, bad sentences, inconsistent or OOC voices.

If anyone is interested in being my beta, just let me know.

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Anyone interested in doing a story by story read through and discussion of "Somewhere Beneath Those Waves?" I'm thinking of re-reading the short stories and then posting an entry at a time where people can discuss them, ranging from general reactions to deeper crit. Thoughts?


Sep. 16th, 2010 07:27 pm
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I've posted 29 icons at a literay icon community I run, called [community profile] literaryicons. Check them out, and feel free to join the community! It's pretty new, so could use love and attention.

Growing up

Sep. 14th, 2010 01:23 pm
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One of the themes of the Labyrinth books is growing up and leaving the past/childhood behind.

By the end of Corambis, Mildmay and Felix are both very changed people.

What did you notice about them growing and changing? Do you think either of them still has growing up to do? In what way? Do you think Kay grew up? Mehitable?
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I have committed fanart.

Read more... )
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Part the second!

I've learned my lesson, spoilers come first -- this half of the mix is full of SPOILERS for The Mirador and Corambis. As before...

MAROON 5 - Nothing Lasts Forever
SNEAKER PIMPS - Lightning Field
GOO GOO DOLLS - Feel the Silence
CITY AND COLOUR - What Makes a Man?
PETE MORTON - Great Gold Sun
STAIND - So Far Away
GUNS N' ROSES - Welcome to the Jungle
FRANK SINATRA - Luck Be a Lady
ANASTACIA - Underground Army

Go here for the post with the downloads + better versions of the cover art.
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Exactly what it says on the tin: a FST for everyone's favorite ex-assassin ex-cat burglar best big little brother ever. :D

BON JOVI - Story of My Life
ASSEMBLAGE 23 - Let Me Be Your Armor
CREED - One Last Breath
CLOUD CULT - Dance for the Dead
BLUE OCTOBER - Into the Ocean
MESH - Trust You
CROOKED FINGERS - You Can Never Leave
PAPA ROACH - Last Resort
DREAM THEATRE - Panic Attack

Link to my journal.

ETA: Forgot to mention that the link goes to the post with the actual music, plus covers and commentary.

Also, SPOILERS for all of MĂ©lusine and The Virtu. Sorry, should've remembered both with I posted the first time.
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Just a reminder that Sarah Monette has been answering reader-submitted questions on her LJ.

You can read through the current crop of questions and answers as well as previous questions and answers here. She also is currently TAKING questions if you have anything to ask about the Doctrine of Labyrinth books, "Companion to Wolves," Kyle Murchison Booth, writing in general, etc.
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Previously, in the LJ community the_mirador.livejournal.com, there was debate over why Mildmay couldn't read and whether or not he had a learning disability.

Fairly mild spoilers for <i>Corambis</i> follow... )
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