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Name:Doctrine of Labyrinths Fan Community
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Community description:A Fan Community for Sarah Monette's "Doctrine of Labyrinths" series, and other Monette books.
A community dedicated to Sarah Monette's "Doctrine of Labyrinths" series, as well as other works by her. Her official website can be found here: and her livejournal can be found here: although she is not affiliated with this community. You can find Q and A about her writing here:

This community had its start at .

Please feel free to jump in and start posting commentary about Sarah Monette's books and short stories, fan art, recommendations for other authors, etc. Be sure to put spoilers behind a cut. Please tag entries appropriately.

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caloxa, cardenio, cardenio richey, corambis, doctrine of labyrinths, felix, felix harrowgate, gideon thraxos, kay, kept thief, klepsydra, mehitabel, melusine, mildmay, mildmay foxe, sarah monette, summerdown, the mirador, the virtu, troia
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